Tips & Guidelines for finding your perfect Wedding Gown

Experience Your Sparkle!

Every woman wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day and this rightful feeling of being a queen and being treated as one, MUST start with the bridal boutique or designer you visit. If you’re not treated like you’re the only person on earth getting married, then my advice will be find one who does.

You don’t need to feel that only one boutique or designer is the only way to go for your wedding gown. Feel free to meet with a few designers or visit some bridal boutiques before you make that all important decision. This is your wedding day and you must feel relaxed and be completely at peace when choosing your wedding gown.

Don’t be to set on this one dress that you’ve had a picture of for years. When the time comes, try on various gowns and different styles that you might never have even looked at. You may find that once you have the dress on and it’s not just on the showroom floor that it compliments your figure, and you might even need to change your mind.

The most important thing about finding your wedding gown is that the designer or boutique assisting you must be knowledgeable enough to give you all the detail required for the idea you have. Take in their recommendations, but always remember that it is your decision!

Only bring at max two very close and trusted friends or your mom with for your first gown fitting, as it’ll need to be your decision and not their decision that influences your end result. You must choose the gown that YOU will feel comfortable in when walking down the aisle, not the gown your mom or friends imagined you in or wanted you to wear.

A few guidelines to help with the short listing of your wedding gown should you still be undecided:

Your figure should be flattered by the wedding gown you will be wearing, that's why it is important to try on various styles to get the best fit for your body type that will highlight your best features and downplay those you’re least comfortable with.

Quality: While looking through gowns, make sure the craftsmanship is of good quality and standard. This can easily be identified by closer inspection and feeling of the materials used or the bead work done.

For the shorter brides you may want to look at gowns that have long body lines and not too many or any detail at all, try to keep it simple. You can go for Empire styles as it makes you look taller.

For taller brides you may want to consider a gown with detail at the bottom to take the focus of the height.

Full-figured brides can look at dresses that skim the body instead of tight fitting. A-line or princess style dresses work well with pear-shaped brides.

Full breasted brides: If you got them, flaunt ‘em, but do ensure that it’s still done with style & elegance.

Please remember that these are only guidelines if you don't have a wedding gown in mind already. Your gown should display everything you are, and not be based on what other people would like you to wear.

Be very careful when choosing your accessories that you’ll be wearing on the wedding day. It is very crucial that you at least once before the wedding day get the full attire on and make sure that your accessories don’t draw too much attention from your dress. It must always compliment you, and not the other way around.

Bridal Jewelry: One Simple rule that can be applied is that the fancier the dress, the simpler the jewelry should be.

Veils: They used to be essential, but nowadays it’s strictly optional to have a veil or not and this depends on the wedding dress or purely on the bride’s choice.

Changing skin tone: Should you consider tanning before the wedding, make sure not to overdo as a lot of fake tan will distract attention from you, your dress and husband to be. If you do get a spray tan, make sure that you do it well in advance to prevent the tan rubbing off on your beautiful gown to leave embarrassing marks and photos.

Another very important fact to keep in mind after you’ve selected your wedding gown is that it is always easier to make a dress somewhat smaller, instead of trying to make it bigger. DON’T starve yourself, just eat healthy and you should maintain your size when measurements was taken, or even loose a few kg’s.

We wish you a beautiful wedding day and a blessed and prosperous marriage!


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